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Between Harlem and Heaven

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JJ Johnson is chef/founder of FIELDTRIP, an acclaimed restaurant group headquartered in Harlem that highlights rice traditions from around the world. JJ was introduced to cooking by his Afro Puerto-Rican grandmother and attended the Culinary Institute of America. He was chef de cuisine at the Cecil, which Esquire named the best new restaurant in America. He is the co-author of BETWEEN HARLEM AND HEAVEN, which won the James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook, and has been nominated for a Beard Award for Best Chef in New York State. JJ is the host of ‘Just Eats with Chef JJ’ on Cleo TV and has been featured on Netflix, HBO Max, and Forbes 30 under 30. He lives in New York City with his wife and twins.

About the Author

"Captivatingly original cuisine"

“Between Harlem and Heaven presents a captivatingly original cuisine. Afro-Asian-American cooking is packed with unique and delicious layers of flavor. These stories and recipes lay praise to the immense influence the African Diaspora has had on global cuisine.”

― Sean Brock

"This is more than
just a cookbook"

“This is more than just a cookbook. Alexander and JJ take us on a culinary journey through space and time that started more than 400 years ago, on the shores of West Africa. Through inspiring recipes that have survived the Middle Passage to seamlessly embrace Asian influences, this book is a testimony to the fact that food transcends borders."

― Chef Pierre Thiam

"A beautiful book"

“There’s no one better than JJ Johnson at helping you cook in your own kitchen. The Simple Art of Rice is a beautiful book and a masterclass for your family’s table.”

―Selena Gomez

"A soulful rice culinary journey"

“Rice is universally enjoyed around the world. As much a historiography as recipe book: JJ takes you on a soulful rice culinary journey. His recipes offer both new inspiration and century-old techniques, leaving you to question how you ever treated rice as an afterthought.”

―Chef Daniel Boulud, Chef/Restaurateur

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JJ Johnson is most recognized for his innovative approach to African Caribbean cuisine. His work has earned him numerous accolades, including the James Beard Foundation Book Award and a two-time spot on theNation’s Restaurant NewsPower List.






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